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KV-762N Large Rifle Berdan Primers (5000 Primers)


Price is for a Case of Primers (5000 Primers per Case)

KV762N is the Nato (.217") size and correct Cup height for all .217" Berdan Pocket cases of "European Military Rifle" calibers (7.9mm, 7mm, 7.65mm, 8mm Steyr, Euro .30/06, Euro .303 Br., 7.62R Albania, Czech, etc. 7.5MAS, 7.5 Swiss, 6.5 Swede, 7.62 Nato.)

Questions concerning Berdan Primers and the answers from our expert reloading community. 

Will these work in Lee priming systems?   I guess the real question is will they fit normal boxer priming tools like RCBS etc?   The Normal "Large Rifle"(Boxer) priming systems like the RCBS Hand Tool and the Autoprime, which use a Post with a Sleeve (like the swing-arm priming Post of Most "O" and "C" Frame presses) will also prime the .217" berdan primer, with the stipulation of fitting some form of "Postive seating stop" to the handle of the tool, to prevent seating the primer too deep (Max. about 0.002 below case head surface is OK).  The primer post sleeve needs to be reamed out a little (sometimes just a scrape is enough) to fit the berdan primer cup well (in a normal LR sleeve they don't sit right in).
The Old Lee Hand tool, with or without Magazine, needs to have the Ram hole reamed a very slight amount, to allow the Berdan primer to move freely (other wise they may "cock sideways").
If you have a tube-fed magazine, or priming attachment, these aluminium primer tubes need to be "Cleaned out" by using a steel .22cal brush, to clean off the oxide inside the tube, and also ensure that the Berdan primers are a sliding fit.
Otherwise,  there are no special adjustments needed. I did my RCBS Autoprime, and several other tools, and they all work to perfection (200,000-Plus .217" Berdan primed cases can't be worng....and add the .303 cal./.250 Berdan primers as well with a different different Priming Post).

Technical description: 7.62 NATO

Diameter: 6

Sleeve Dimensions: 3x3x3/8P

Primers per box/case 1000/5000

Case Weight (lbs) 5

  • Model: KV762N
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs

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